For the following statements, rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 with the following values:

  • 1 (Never)
  • 2 (Rarely)
  • 3 (Sometimes)
  • 4 (Usually)
  • 5 (Always)

1. My spouse and I regularly prioritize quality and quantity of time together and have a consistent date night to build into our marriage.

2. My spouse and I make decisions to place each other’s needs and desires above our own to model genuine sacrificial love and support for one another.

3. My spouse and I honor each other, respect each other, and make it a habit to speak highly of one other, both privately and publicly.

4. My spouse and I make it a point to surround ourselves with people who know us, care about us, support us during hard times, and encourage us in our marriage.

5. My spouse and I regularly spend time pursuing God, praying for one another and attending a local church together, so that we can be unified and grow in our faith.

6. My spouse and I are unified in our goals, values, dreams, and vision for our family including work, raising children, finances and home life.

7. My spouse and I are attracted to one another physically and pursue one another intimately.

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