Strengthen Your Marriage

by Keeping God at the Center

Marriage, like a knot, has to be kept tight. Left to itself, it loosens over time and can completely unravel.

In The Marriage Knot, Ron and Jody Zappia take a practical, God-centered approach to marriage. They talk candidly about communication, sex, conflict resolution, and more. Their book offers real tools to help strengthen your marriage and create a relationship that can endure the pressures that attempt to unravel it.


How tight is your marriage knot?

Do you feel that the knot of your marriage is becoming loose? Whether you’re recently married or have been together for years, reassessing your marriage can help keep that knot tight. Choose a quiz below to get started on strengthening your relationship.

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The Knot Marriage Conference

The 7 Choices That Keep Couples Together

In addition to their book, The Marriage Knot, Ron and Jody Zappia lead a marriage conference called ‘The Knot.’ During the conference, Ron and Jody present many of the transformative principles that saved their marriage. In an event full of wisdom, humor, and refreshing transparency, ‘The Knot’ conference can benefit marriages, old and new.

marriage minute

Any time you spend strengthening your marriage is incredibly valuable, even if it's just one minute. Take a look at these bite-sized marriage videos from Ron and Jody.

Meet Ron and Jody

Not even a year into their marriage, Ron and Jody found themselves on the brink of divorce. Their marriage knot was unraveling, and they were desperately searching for how to save it. Then, God entered their lives and everything changed.

With the power of God, Ron and Jody were able to save their marriage and create an even stronger bond. Together they wrote The Marriage Knot and they now lead ‘The Knot’ marriage conference, unpacking the decisions that couples must make to keep their marriage strong with God at the center. Click the link below to schedule this conference in your area!

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