For the following statements, rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 with the following values:

  • 1 (Never)
  • 2 (Rarely)
  • 3 (Sometimes)
  • 4 (Usually)
  • 5 (Always)

1. My spouse and I regularly engage in transparent conversations about our expectations, personal relationships, financial purchases, and individual struggles and fears.

2. My spouse and I resolve conflict immediately, apologize quickly, and communicate respectfully in order build unity into our marriage.

3. My spouse and I choose our words wisely, don’t use hurtful language, and are careful to regularly support and build one another up verbally.

4. My spouse and I are slow to speak and quick to listen with genuine interest as it’s our desire to know and understand each other deeply and intimately.

5. My spouse and I regularly open up concerning each other’s wants and needs (emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual) in order to gain agreement and unity in our decision making.

6. My spouse and I understand our differences in upbringing, personality, preferences, and family traditions in order to validate the uniqueness that we each bring to our relationship and family.

7. My spouse and I are aware of each other’s moods, temperaments and pet peeves and are sensitive in the timing and tone of our communication with one another.