For the following statements, rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 with the following values:

  • 1 (Never)
  • 2 (Rarely)
  • 3 (Sometimes)
  • 4 (Usually)
  • 5 (Always)
1. How often do you interact with a person of the opposite sex on social media or online (former boyfriend/girlfriend, relationship websites, etc.)?
2. How often do you find yourself fantasizing about another relationship or viewing inappropriate content online?
3. How likely are you to casually flirt with a close friend, co-worker or your spouse’s friends?
4. How often do you find yourself alone with a member of the opposite sex (lunches, work meetings, travel, etc.)?
5. How often does your spouse not know where you are or who you’re texting with?
6. How willing would you be to immediately separate yourself from a relationship if a physical or emotional line were crossed (go to a different gym, change your regular coffee shop, consider a new job, etc.)?
7. How often do you find yourself lacking intimacy in your relationship or dissatisfied sexually in your marriage?

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