Ties That Bind: Why Do We Need Each Other?

Open Your Bible to Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 is a foundational passage for all relationships. It can be applied to marriage, family, friends, and co-workers. This passage answers the question of why we need each other. It also holds the secret ingredient that holds all our relationships together for relational health, healing, and wholeness. Open your bible to Ecclesiastes 4.


The Five Ties That Bind


  1. We are United in Relationship to Get the Most Out of Life. (Ecclesiastes 4:9)
  2. We are United in Relationship to Lift Each Other Up. (Ecclesiastes 4:10)
    “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” – Thomas Aquanius

    “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson

  3. We are United in Relationship to Provide for Each Other. (Ecclesiastes 4:11)
  4. We are United in Relationship to Protect Each Other (Ecclesiastes 4:12a)
  5. We are United in Relationship to Glorify God. (Ecclesiastes 4:12b)


Seven Frequent Falls

There are several relational falls that we will experience in our lives. These falls can create separations and divisions in your relationships. Here are seven frequent falls:

  1. The Physical Fall
    A physical fall can be anything like an injury or illness. These things can put a strain on your relationships, especially on your familial relationships. When someone you love experiences a physical fall, help them up.
  2. The Financial Fall
    A financial fall is another thing that may put a strain on your relationships. When you experience a financial fall, remember that your relationships are more important than any materialistic desires you have. Lean on your strongest relationships when times are tough.
  3. The Relational Fall
    Maybe you or someone you know separates from significant other. The family relationship you once had will be changed. But even through change, you can show love and compassion.
  4. The Moral Fall
    A moral fall is when you do something and continue doing something when you know it is causing harm to your relationships. This is an especially frequent fall in your relationship with God. If you catch yourself in a moral fall, turn to someone who can help catch you and break that harmful cycle.
  5. The Emotional Fall
    We cannot neglect our own emotions or the emotions of those around us, especially when those emotions cause us to fall. Not all falls can be prevented. What is most important is that we get back up.
  6. The Spiritual Fall
    The spiritual fall is when we turn our backs on God. It is when we no longer lean on Him and so we inevitably fall down. Even when your life is busy, or you’ve experienced another kind of fall, you can always lean on God.
  7. The Repeated Fall
    The repeated fall is when we continue to go down the same harmful path that we have been down many times before. Break the cycle, use God as your support, ask for help from your loved ones, and strengthen your foundation. You got this!


You can watch Pastor Ron speak more on the ties that bind and the seven frequent falls here.

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