Step Six to sharing your faith

“So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls” (Acts 2:41)


In 1993, The Barna Group surveyed Bible-believing Christians with this statement: “Every Christian has a responsibility to share their faith.”* At that time, 9 out of 10 Christians affirmed this statement. Fast forward 15 years to 2018 when The Barna Group surveyed Bible-believing Christians with the same statement. Now only 6 out of 10 affirm the statement. What does this mean? It means the importance of sharing one’s faith is on the decline among Christians.

Maybe it’s because too often we think it’s about us. We feel the burden of sharing our faith and feel like we’re responsible for changing people’s hearts. That’s why as you share your faith it’s entirely essential to trust God with the results.

I often say it like this: God calls, we herald. Read that again: God calls, we herald. God is the one calling people to His kingdom, we’re just the ones that herald that message. God is preparing the fruit, cultivating the soil, softening people’s hearts. That’s His job. Our job is simply to bring the message.

Even though we know this, it can be easy to be afraid of rejection, especially when you’re sharing your faith with a close friend or family member. But in these situations we have to remember our role. If someone doesn’t accept Christ, they’re not rejecting you (the messenger). They’re rejecting the message.

I remember sharing my newfound faith with my good friend and old college roommate. You know what happened? He didn’t accept it, and he never talked to me again. That was painful to be sure. But I’m still trusting God with the results, to this day. He didn’t reject me, he rejected the message. And while that was painful, I can’t stand the thought of wondering what would have happened if I never spoke up for the gospel.

So ask yourself today, and think through the people whom God has placed in your circle of influence, who needs to hear the gospel message? With whom can you share your faith, and will you trust God with the results?

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